l Platforms

Hanjiang Pharmaceutical Research Institute is established in accordance with the development strategy of thegroup company. Based on the advantages and accumulation of API's production and relying on the resourceof university think tanks, Hanjiang Pharmaceutical Research Institute is commited to building a platform for research and development of high-end APIs, key intermediates, biomedicine and animal health.

l Capabilities


Hanjiang has established close Industry-University-Research Collaboration with colleges. We established Expert Workstation, leaded by Professor FuQiang from Xi’an Jiaotong University to take charge of scientific research, and engaged Zhang Shengyong from Air Force Medical University, academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering as our technical adviser.


Reaction Temperature Range: 78~350

Pressure Range: 0~3.5Mpa(High pressure reaction); 10Pa(High vacuum distillation)

Existing Key Chiral Technologies: Chemical Resolution; Asymmetric Synthesis; Industrial Transformation of New  Products

Polymorphy: Preparation of Specified Polymorphy

l Achievements

National Patent/Technical Know-How: 15

National New Drugs: 12

Exclusive Varieties: 4


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